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Complete 32 hours of online training of Digital Marketing at just Rs. 10,000/-

Be a Local Ambassador and Earn Rs. 50,000+ per month

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Our CEO Success Story

Our CEO Mr. Dipak H Agarwal left his job as qualified Chartered Accountant at Ernst & Young ( Big4s ) to follow his passion and become Entrepreneur. At present, he has established business with 4000+ Clients.

He believes in Localisation and supports #BeVocalforLocal. He has pledged to generate opportunity for 10,000 Individuals to become independent Entrepreneur. They will learn Digital Marketing and join a rapidly growing industry worth Rs. 60,000 Crores in India.

Pre-requisite to join as a DOST4SME

  • Smart and Independent
  • Technology adaptor
  • Creative and Innovator
  • Good at networking & pitching
  • Has good communication skills
  • Avid learner

What you learn?

A complete 32 Hours online training from the experts in the Industry. This will make you Certified Digital Marketer for Local SME Business and help them grow digitally.

What you invest?

One-time joining fee of Rs. 10,000/- is for learning and becoming our local ambassador. If you do not complete the training or choose not to become our local ambassador, amount will be refunded*.

What you get?

Once in a lifetime opportunity to become Local Ambassador and earn handsome income per month.

On completion of Training you are Eligible to become Dost4SME (Local Ambassador)

Benefits of becoming a DOST4SME

  • Ongoing repeat commissions for every sale made by you
  • Opportunity to earn 50,000+ per month
  • Additional Earnings besides your business/ job
  • Becoming an Entrepreneur at nominal investment
  • Regular learning opportunity of Digital marketing
  • Personalised dashboard to track your customer
  • Commissions paid weekly
  • Dashboard to view your Sales and Commission earned
  • Campaign and report support from our team
  • No burden of accounting also
  • Personalised dashboard will be shared to view
  • your sales and commission earned

Business Opportunity

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  • Basic concept of DOST 4SME!

    We are focusing on making Local Ambassador for all our Onex Products and willing to explore your network for making more sales.

    We will pay you upfront and ongoing commissions on every purchase made by you for your referred customers.

  • What products are saleable by DOST4SME?

    All Onex Products for campaigns via following channels can be sold by DOST4SME-

    • SMS Campaign
    • Email Campaign
    • Voice Campaign
    • Social Campaign
    • Facebook campaign via custom audience
  • Is the training compulsory and what are its charges?

    The training is mandatory to become DOST4SME. We would like our ambassadors to hit the market only after proper training so that they are ready to handle rebuttals. We believe in minimizing the rejection from your network so that you get more of positive responses. This will help you in easy and faster conversion.

    32 hours online training will be given to you for whom you need to pay Rs. 10,000 only.

  • Is the security deposit refundable?

    The security deposit is the token amount taken for sharing expertise knowledge and training gained by Onex for its 8+ years existence. The amount is absolutely refundable. The amount is refundable only within 12 months from the completion of training.

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  • Do we represent Onex Solutions and when we approach our contacts?

    Once you received the Certificate, you get this right to use our brand name and represent Onex Solutions. You are free to explore this new technology to pitch to your contacts under our brand name.

    Also by representing our name, Onex has the right to communicate with clients. Any business done by your referred clients, Onex will book that closure under your account and shall keep passing you commission weekly.

  • What is your investment?

    Only amount Rs 10,000 for learning and to be part of training.

  • Do you get any printing collaterals from Onex?

    Onex will give you online training. Also a joining kit with brochures, vcards shall be handed over to you. For better understanding and reference we will share soft copy of company profile along with ambassador rate chart.

  • Will Onex refer any clients?

    If we will get any Leads of your assign area, we will provide to you.

  • What will be the process for transferring commission?

    Commission will be transferred online to your bank account weekly.The commission will be calculated once payment is received from client

  • What will be payment terms for clients?

    Onex works only on prepaid terms. Once client gives the payment we will issue a GST invoice to the client. Thereafter campaign will be done and report will be shared with the client. Prepaid payments shall also safeguard your commission.

    Onex will never approach your clients directly. In future for further campaigns from your client base, Onex will keep passing you commission on every closure made.

  • At what price will I sell products?

    As per the price chart which will be shared after training.

  • What about taxes and compliance?

    Taxes shall be applicable as per the State and Central Government law. All sales need to be made at product price + 18% GST.

    Also TDS will be applicable as per law. TDS deducted by customer shall comprise of tax submitted by customer on behalf of Onex Solutions.

  • What profit will DOST4SME get?

    Margin will vary from 15%-40% depending upon which product is sold.

  • Why should any one join hands with Onex?

    What advantage/benefit will DOST4SME get? Why should they spend time on this? Returns from Investment?

    • You are getting a chance to associate with Onex who is already having expertise in this industry of over 7+ years
    • No Infrastructure or set up cost
    • No extra cost of support team
    • Not full time involvement required. It's a part time earning opportunity.
    • Ongoing Repeat Commissions on sale of each and every product
    • Opportunity to earn up to INR 50,000 + to 1lac per month
    • Learning opportunity without investment in set up of business
    • Personalized dashboard will be shared to view your sales and commission earned
    • No compliance cost such as GST filing, TDS compliance.
  • Job Role of DOST4SME OR what will be their part if they join hand with us?

    • Identify contacts/ exploring network and build leads.
    • Sales Conversion
    • Campaign & Report Co-ordination between Client and Onex Support
    • Campaign feedback from the client
    • Confirmation of payments and campaign summary
    • Client handling, which involves queries in relation to onboarding till completion of campaign.
  • Onex Responsibility?

    • Provide online 32hrs training to explain product to DOST4SME
    • Provide Joining Kit
    • Raising invoices on behalf of DOST4SME for their clients, so all accounting burden is ours.
    • Running campaigns and providing reports
    • Providing data count for campaigns as and when required
    • Onex does not guarantee any amount of closure for you.
    • You will be solely responsible for your client handling.
  • When will refund amount be paid?

    Refund shall be made only upon written request by ambassador. Right to refund is only within 12 months from completion of training. Online refund shall be made within 10 days of request raised.

  • How I Will Acquire New Clients?

    You need to explore your network and local business to get Clients. Onex will guide you to onboard client.

  • Training Module?

    • Online Training shall be provided. It will be of total 32 hrs. which will be spread over 8 weeks, 2 hrs each day.
    • Our Experts shall conduct trainings with knowledge on the subject. The soft copy of the material will be shared with you.
    • We are always happy to resolve any doubts, query in regards to training module.
    • You are getting certificates only when you have made efforts to attend and learn all the knowledge shared in 8 weeks. 022 - 4897 2484